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Reit 1 has purchased 21 income-producing properties valued at about NIS 1.9 billion since its inception. The company’s property portfolio consists of office, retail and industrial buildings that are leased to leading players in their fields including Amdocs,  Shufersal, Microsoft, Broadcom, Procter & Gamble, the Rami Levi supermarkets chain, Pelephone, Orange and Migdal Insurance. The average occupancy rate at the properties is 98% to 99%.

REIT1 – Tel Aviv, Hasmonaim

Type :  Offices city: Tel Aviv – Yafo  High qualityo ffice building, located in the center of Tel Aviv, in the corner of Menahem Begin st. and Hahashmonaim st.

REIT1 – Rishon Lezion, Rothschild

Type :  Shopping Malls City: Rishon LeZion  A 32,000 sq. m.  mall located on RothschildStreet in the center of Rishon LeZion, near Tel Aviv, with about 170 tenants. Tenants including the Hamashbir Latzarchan department store, ZARA and Castro. The facility includes three retail floors, three floors of offices and six parking levels. Co-ownership: Gazit

REIT1 – Yokneam

Type : Shopping Malls  City: Yokneam G6 Mall. A renovated 16,000 sq. m. strip mall on Route 70, the main traffic artery at the entrance to Yokneam, near the northern exit of Road 6. Major tenants include leading Israeli retail chains. Co-ownership: JTLV . Main tenants: Leumi Bank, Aroma, Castro,

REIT1 – Afula

Type : Shopping Mall City: Afula The largest shopping center in Afula and its surroundings includes 22,000 sq. m. of retail space .Tenants include leading retail chains. Located near Ha’emek Hospital and Route 65, the main traffic artery in the north of Israel. Tenants include Shufersal, Hamashbir Latzarchan, Castro and

REIT 1 – Modi’in

Type : Shopping Malls  city: Modi’in-Makkabim-Re’ut ONE MODI’IN is an open shopping center located at the eastern entrance to the industrial zone near the complex MODI’IN and train station. Space Center is about – 11,000 with a wide variety of leading national chains

REIT 1 – Ashdod

Type : Senior Housing  City: Ashdod A Rehabilitation and a Nursing Care center, with 244 beds, for senior citizens, specializing in a range of services for the elderly’s needs. The center has complex nursing care including a respiration unit, rehabilitation and geriatric convalescence at its rehabilitation hospital.

REIT 1 – Nes Ziyona

Type : Commercial City: Nes Ziyyona Proper colony nursing home located in the commercial area in the center will improve industrial zone at the western entrance to Nes Ziyyona. Proper colony nursing home located in the commercial area in the center will improve industrial zone at the western entrance to

REIT1 – Gan Yavne

Type: Shopping Malls City: Gan Yavne An open shopping center, including 12,000 square meters in 2 floors and some 300 parking spaces. The center is expected to serve some 50,000 visitors from Gan Yavne and the surrounding cities. Main tennants: McDonald’s, Fox, Superpharm, Yohananof, Castro, Laline, and Aroma.

REIT1 – Jerusalem, Karta

Type :  Parking Lots City:  Jerusalem Karta parking lot is located close to the old city of Jerusale, near Jaffa Gate and the Mamila Center. The parking lot includes some 800 parking spaces for private vehicles and 35 spaces for busses in 4 levels. The lot is usually used by visitors

REIT1 – אלון תבור, מתחם “הוליס”

סוג: מבני תעשיה   עיר: אלון הגליל   מתחם “הוליס” אלון תבור הינו מתחם של 5 מבני תעשייה בשטח כולל של 42,000 מ”ר המשמש מגוון חברות מובילות מתחום התעשייה .   שוכרים עיקריים: סטארפלסט, תמה תעשיות פלסטיק, חוגלה, רומלד טכנולוגיות ועוד

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